Wrapped BONE and more...

Wrapped BONE and more...
Wrapped BONE

First of all, congratulations to the ShibArmy for reaching a milestone of 1M wallets and soon, 1M transactions. We have achieved—and aim to maintain—our status as one of the fastest and cheapest L2 networks out there. (I also read somewhere that some people are unhappy that the gas prices are very low in the network, which made me chuckle.) While Shy and I work tirelessly to make Shiba State a reality, I wanted to provide a few updates:

Firstly, the hosted version of Blockscout explorer is now available on Shibariumscan. This allows our small yet dedicated protocol team to focus on the network and its upgrades, while the fantastic Blockscout team ensures the explorer remains operational and the chain is 100% indexed.

Please use the explorer to DYOR (Do Your Own Research) and also to verify any new or existing contracts deployed to the network. Soon, we will begin promoting projects that are built on top of Shibarium. We won't be able to do this if your contracts aren't verified. Thus, please make sure to use the Blockscout contract verification system.

Here is the verifed WBONE contract : https://www.shibariumscan.io/address/0xC76F4c819D820369Fb2d7C1531aB3Bb18e6fE8d8

We also have mapped few additional tokens to the bridge, should be visible in the UI as well:

USDT : 0xaB082b8ad96c7f47ED70ED971Ce2116469954cFB

USDC : 0xf010f12dcA0b96D2d6685bf4dB3dbB4Ad500B6Ad

DAI : 0x0726959d22361B79e4D50A5D157b044A83eC870d

WBTC : 0xE984D89fb00D0B44E798A55dc41EA598B0b0899d

XFUND : 0x89dc93C6c12CaE47aCAf4aD9305d7A442C30dBB2

We are also collaborating with numerous third-party bridges to ensure they can assist in bridging many other tokens into Shibarium. Next, we plan to renounce the Bone contract, which we'll address this week, and we'll be adding more validators to the network.

Shibarium is open for everyone to develop upon. The Shib team's primary focus in the future will be to innovate and build technologies on top of Shibarium, empowering our community to lead a self-sovereign life. When you do create, we encourage building on Shibarium. It would make us immensely proud if the next big innovation, is founded on Shibarium!