ShibaSwap Takes Over: A Burn Portal Update and Fix Introduced by Shiba's Developer Team

ShibaSwap Takes Over: A Burn Portal Update and Fix Introduced by Shiba's Developer Team

We would like to share our appreciation and give a tremendous round of applause to the glorious ShibArmy community.

Your patience, and support to acknowledge issues, while calling to action areas in which there's a lack of confidence or pending repairs, have been apparent during the past few months when it comes to the Burn Portal.

For every delay, we understand there are heavy frustrations in the minds of many. In this, we have always stayed humble and approached each issue individually, and when necessary. Even now, we would like to extend an apology for any delay in serving the community when it comes to all fronts and platforms. Know that we are always doing our very best to serve the community, as we have been working on multiple fronts to stay competitive, and energetic, while continuing on tasks that focus on our promise made to the Shib community, no matter what the market status is.

This makes us stronger, and enforces our commitment, as we always strive to be better, and appreciate each community member supporting Shib as we grow as an ecosystem and project.

We want to provide clarity, a fix, and inform the Shiba community where things go from here when it comes to the Burn Portal

To recall, it has been months now since Ryoshi Vision’s leadership shared a medium in which the SHIB Burn Portal announcement was made, furthermore, months after this very team scheduled a blog post in which both teams had been in a meeting to potentially fix the array of pending rewards.

The portal was introduced to both communities honoring Shiba Inu holders and their ongoing energy to eliminate tokens out of circulation in exchange for a reward system.

Furthermore, the portal showcased a level of passive reward system, as communicated by the Ryoshi Vision Team (at the time), and upon their commitment to operating this platform in a performing manner.

We do not disregard the acknowledgement of the portal effectively not deploying rewards for those who have burned SHIB. Both Ryoshi Vision's and Shiba Inu's moderation teams were made aware of such issues in regard to the missing rewards. These alerts happened in multiple occasions, by both communities, and we can’t thank them enough for reporting and ensuring awareness.

So why such delays to repair? During the process, the Shiba Inu Team tried to connect many times with Ryoshi Vision developers that powered the portal, while focusing on revealing and reporting tickets/details presented by community remembers inquiring for attention while demanding a fix for the burn reward system that had been promised by the platform.

To no avail, the originating Ryoshi Vision developers only showcased complete silence and stopped attending to any of our requests. One of them in the entire process showed up and promised to work on things, to then never return communication and leave our team pending. As everyone recalls, we produced a blog that mentioned Ryoshi Vision would engage in the process once again (that was right after that very meeting in which a single originating developer had promised to work on gathering resources to fix this as soon as possible, yet, this effort seemed to disappear and leave things pending, promoting everyone's confusion, including administrative members of the Ryoshi Vision internal moderation team, which by now had been suffering from the same problem due to broken patterns of communication.

The Ryoshi Vision internal moderation team reached out directly with concern to inform us about their project constructing and forming a 'new team', to repair injured actions by their originating and now missing development team, while conveying to rebuild the confidence in their community.

They also informed us about their focus on developing a decentralized music streaming platform and an NFT marketplace, slated to be released in 2023. We are not affiliated with these efforts, but wish them well and look forward to their future progression as a project.

Due to such actions, as Ryoshi Vision transitions into this massive change, and while they introduce new foundations with new core developments to their project, we have decided to separate entirely from any collective effort or platform that requires the reliance or collaboration of Ryoshi Vision to deploy a reward system due to such an introduced burning mechanic and portal.

This also allows us to safeguard the integrity of our own community, the ShibArmy.

This blog also serves to inform the communities as we officially end the relationship of a burn portal that is powered by Ryoshi Vision, while allowing them to progress independently and allowing Shiba Inu to take full reigns of the platform. As a reminder, Ryoshi Vision has never been part of the Shiba Inu Ecosystem, but is an independent crypto project honoring Ryoshi Research, our founder, and the SHIB community.

ShibaSwap takes over the Burn Portal

We know how important the burn portal has been to the community.

To move forward, the SHIB team will continue to host the Burn Portal as a part of ShibaSwap, powered by our internal development team is also working on additional burn utility mechanics with solutions such as the upcoming Shibarium protocol.

During the upcoming weeks, and as the portal transitions over to being a fully run ShibaSwap platform, our team will focus on communication efforts for the platform with the community.

We will be releasing a second part to this blog post, to push transparency as to how the mechanics of the site and reward system will apply, going forward, inclusive of informing the ShibArmy about the delivery of backlogged rewards.

The SHIB team is also investigating ways to reward burn portal users. As always, we welcome any feedback on how to make this process even better and more community-oriented while enhancing our efforts to promote decentralized platforms in the space.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this process,

The ShibaSwap Development Team