Shibarium: The Invite

Thus far, we’ve stated that Shibarium is a Layer-2 (L2) blockchain that allows anyone to build a digital product, conduct peer-to-peer transactions, and other basic capabilities. But that is only the beginning. Shibarium is so much more.

Shibarium: Worldwide Invite
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

For what feels like a millennia, the world has been divided. This division of thought, the disconnect between our values and beliefs, are (primarily) an illusion created by shadowy feline entities to maintain the status quo. These Shadowcats hide behind their power and influence; a vast network of corrupted wealth that utilizes obscure technology and brute force to keep the majority of the population broken down and debilitated.

Yikes! A Shadowcat!!

But that past doesn’t have to be our future.

Shibarium is the answer.

Throughout this series of articles, I will detail Shibarium completely and, with the help of Kaal, our development team, and the others at Unification (XFUND), I will reveal what sets Shibarium apart from the constant flood of other emerging blockchains. At the same time, I'll explain what makes it familiar, "tried & true" and quality— on day one. Moreover, why we chose this technology, how to use it, how to build on it, and why you should join our movement as soon as possible will all be answered in these articles, followed by all the documentation needed to start building your project Shibarium. First though, a basic question...

What is Shibarium?

Thus far, we’ve stated that Shibarium is a Layer-2 (L2) blockchain that allows anyone to build a digital product, conduct peer-to-peer transactions, and other basic capabilities. But that is only the beginning. Shibarium is so much more.

As the lead who is dedicated to the founding vision of Ryoshi for the larger Shib ecosystem, I can confidently say what we’ve created is the first step in a global movement to end the cycle of abusive control by embracing the power of decentralization.

This approach is a multi-faceted one. Shibarium is not only the tool that empowers the ShibArmy to utilize digital assets in the form of tokens and NFTs or gain access to digital places like the Metaverse. Shibarium also encourages closed-community product loops; the ability to launch community-originated, Shiba-branded, physical products in real life with more utility than ever before;  exercise product loyalty by choosing quality-equivalent Shiba-oriented goods; and of course, craft unique, community-powered platforms unaffiliated with the Shib Development Team. In fact, the only centralized aspect of Shibarium is a core system and corresponding interface that allows us to foster actual trust as we embark on this journey together in a previously trustless society, and a series of Validators (and Delegators) that keep the system decentralized and operational. (We'll get back to these two special positions in a later article.)

Shibarium Validator Circa 2025

I know that’s a mouthful, even for me, so let me simplify:

Shiba everywhere gives us the ability to turn the tides of this battle without waging war. With Shibarium, we can simply walk away from the systems that oppress us and work together to make a better world with the culmination of all our skills, experiences, and a common vision.

Shibarium Common Values

To achieve this, I call upon all who want to help bring this potential future to fruition. While I will be outlining my thoughts on how we can become more unified than ever during the Shibarium Beta testing, there are multiple values that must be identified and some fundamental understandings that all people, projects, companies, and entities that join or work with us should understand:

  1. BURN: We, the Shibarium Core (also known as early adopters), are committed to building a global ecosystem and encourage burning Shib on every Shibarium project.
  2. PROTECT: We respect each legitimate Shibarium project and understand scams will exist on the L2 so we must Do Our Own Research ( D.O.O.R. for our own protection) and we as a community will provide feedback so others can learn about people and projects without FUD, but in truth.
  3. HELP: Whenever possible, Shibarium projects should prioritize donating to our larger community by finding and supporting a global network of non-profit organizations. (Thank you for all who have donated in the recent and far along past!)
  4. GROW: We encourage Shibarium projects to not only burn and donate, but also to place a portion of profits into the Shib Doggy DAO Foundation that decides how the assets in the DAO wallet can best be applied.

Obviously, teams that do this are truly for the community.

We understand that not every project in our ecosystem will be able to utilize these values but, where there is great success, the above must at least be considered. Based on Global GDP, even a small percentage of thriving portfolios would allow us to implement this plan to an exponential degree. This, in turn, will give us the opportunity to shift the world’s consciousness away from the greed of capitalism to a healthier, hybridized approach; one where people can still profit from their hard work and expertise, but know in their heart they are also helping move the community forward.

The WHO of Shibarium

Who is invited to Shibarium?


Everyone, from everywhere.

No matter where you call home, regardless of what you believe or how you may practice, no matter the color of your blood, or the color of your skin (or fur), you are invited to take part in the future Shibarium can help us bring to life. The only requirement is that respect is given to those around you, so that you can be shown respect in return. Join us with an open-heart and the willingness to learn, and together we will unshackle ourselves from this broken system.


As we are a global community, one issue we are facing is how we can unify? Unification is key to our success (technologically and technically) so I want to address the individuals that makeup our community before we go any further:

To my frens who are Atheists: Shibarium represents a natural progression of the world that recognizes the harnessable power of the people and directs it into a closed system that prevents the resources, power, and love therein from being siphoned to only a privileged few. Your belief in science is noble and I respect what you are. I hope you can find it in your heart to work with us to make this world a better place not because of a particular religion, but because it is the right thing to do.

To my frens who are Buddhist  (and the various other branches therein): Out of all of the religions herein, this is the one I am working hardest to attain (the noble 8 fold path). With your assistance and work in Shibarium, we can shift the world from a mindset associated with un-righteousness to Samyanc, righteousness! As this is perfectly aligned with your beliefs, I graciously invite all Buddhists to join us in this fight for a righteous world.

मम frens ये बौद्धाः (तत्र च अन्याः विविधाः शाखाः): अत्र सर्वेषु धर्मेषु एषः एव मया सर्वाधिकं परिश्रमः कृतः (उदात्तः ८ गुणामार्गः)। भवतः साहाय्येन शिबारियम-स्थले कार्येण च वयं विश्वं धर्मेण सम्बद्धे मानसिकतायां स्थानान्तरयितुं शक्नुमः! यतो हि एतत् भवतः प्रत्ययैः सह सम्यक् सङ्गच्छते, अतः अहं कृपापूर्वकं सर्वान् बौद्धान् सद्युद्धे अस्माभिः सह सम्मिलितुं आमन्त्रयामि ।

To my frens who are Christians: As many of you in the faith have seen, we are close to the global shift found in Revelations and this (Shibarium) represents our attempt to set up a system away from the beast system that is evolving before your eyes. Join us with faith that you are doing the righteous thing.

To my frens who are Hindus: Namaste! After years of confusion, and after months of deep introspection, I have learned the truth about Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and this wonderful language we share. Armed with this knowledge, I believe you, as the holders of wisdom and truth, have a divine role to play in this fight to balance the dharma of the globe and I humbly ask for your assistance. Namaste and Thank You!

मेरे उन दोस्तों के लिए जो हिंदू हैं: नमस्ते! वर्षों के भ्रम के बाद, एक केंद्रित अध्ययन के माध्यम से और बुद्धिमान बहमिनों के चरणों में बैठकर, मैंने ब्रह्मा, विष्णु, शिव और इस अद्भुत भाषा को साझा किया है जो हम साझा करते हैं। इस ज्ञान से लैस, मुझे विश्वास है कि आप, ज्ञान और सत्य के धारकों के रूप में, विश्व के धर्म को संतुलित करने के लिए इस लड़ाई में एक दिव्य भूमिका निभाते हैं और मैं विनम्रतापूर्वक आपकी सहायता की माँग करता हूँ। नमस्ते और धन्यवाद!

To my frens who are Jews: As my lineage is Sephardic, it is dear to my heart that this system brings us closer to uniting the hidden, unfound, and oppressed Jews of the world that have been scattered to the four corners of the earth and therefore closer to the redemption of the world. It’s time.

לחבריי שהם יהודים: מכיוון שהשושלת שלי היא ספרדית, יקר ללבי שהשיטה הזו מקרבת אותנו לאיחוד יהודי העולם הנסתרים, הבלתי מוצאים והמדוכאים שהיו מפוזרים לארבע קצוות תבל. לכן גאולת העולם. הגיע הזמן.

To my frens who are Muslims: As my lineage is Sephardic Jew, we are family. As your scholars call for this level of righteousness daily, I hope my call for your involvement and assistance will resonate with you deeply as it is time to lay out the carpet for Imam Mehdi and Shibarium is the way to do so in my humble opinion. I encourage you to join us and help us remain away from the system siphoning the soul of humanity.

إلى أصدقائي المسلمين: بما أن أسلافي يهودي سفاردي ، فنحن أسرة. نظرًا لأن علماؤك يدعون إلى هذا المستوى من الصلاح يوميًا ، آمل أن يكون لدعوتي للمشاركة ومساعدتك صدى عميقًا معك لأنه حان الوقت لوضع السجادة للإمام المهدي وشباريوم هي إحدى الطرق للقيام بذلك في رأيي المتواضع. أشجعك على الانضمام إلينا ومساعدتنا على الابتعاد عن نظام يمتص روح الإنسانية.

To my frens who are Shinto: The balance of Kami is being threatened and a rebalancing must take place. To achieve this, the entire world must work together to ensure the spirit/energy of the elements (Elohim) are pleased and continue to support our physical reality. As a vital part ignored by so many others, I believe the SHIBA INU was divinely chosen as the mascot to ensure that Kami was not to be forgotten as we push forward with all our might to make a more righteous world.

神聖なバランス(グレート スピリットが宿る場所)が脅かされており、バランスを取り直す必要があります。 これを達成するためには、全世界が協力してエレメンタルスピリット/エネルギーを満足させ、私たちの物理的現実をサポートし続ける必要があります. 私たちの生活の重要な部分として、より公正な世界を作るための私たちの努力において、カミが忘れられないようにするために、柴犬が私たちのマスコットとして神聖に選ばれたと信じています.

To my frens who are Taoist: Happy New Year! The Tao of the universe flows through all. This Tao has many names (Exodus 6:2 for those who say God has only one), and is sorely unbalanced. Thus, the righteousness that stems from the balance of Tao must be restored. I kindly request your involvement so that we can rebalance the world and allow the Tao to flow freely again to humans.

祝道友们:新年快乐! 宇宙之道贯穿万物。 这个道有很多名字,很不平衡。 因此,必须恢复源于道平衡的正义。 我恳请你的参与,这样我们才能重新平衡世界,让道再次自由地流向人类。

To my frens who are Wiccan: A quick glance at the larger astrological and astronomical picture shows that it is time for everything I’ve outlined herein. As you well know then, this attempt is divinely ordained and resistance is truly futile. Join us and restore the balance you know is needed for a peaceful world.

To the Luciferians: Even the negative light of Lucifer has a place in the current global system, but, as his light is being worshiped by those in power, and thus has an unfair advantage, the dimming of this “light” is a divinely protected rebalancing that must take place before utter destruction results from the heinous activities that have gone way too far.

For any religions I missed: Surely, unless you worship evil, your religion has the common thread of a righteous world and belief system. These values are being destroyed, and at the same time, the resources, time, money and love of people is being siphoned out of the community and into the ancient bloodline of corrupt shadow leaders that continue to keep countless lives in bondage. Shibarium is how we win, and no matter your belief, I invite you with this letter to join us.

Next Up:

In the next blog I will outline the year in review (2022 good and bad). I'll discuss FUD and expect FUD for this blog as well! Finally, in the last few blogs we'll get into the intake form (how and why), technical details of the L2, tokenization for new projects, and the start of the Shibarium Beta as Kaal returns after the loss of his father. Be safe out there everyone, and talk soon.

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