Important Notice in Regards to BONE Farms

Important Notice in Regards to BONE Farms

In order to prevent the over minting of BONE, as voted on by the DOGGY DAO: BONE Farms Proposal Results finalized on 6.26.2022, the current minting rate of BONE has been adjusted to 1 BPB (BONE Per Block).

What does this mean?

What this addresses is the current flow and minting process by slowing the BPB, while also not fully halting it. This protects the integrity of the DAO vote, but also the reward system, while safekeeping the agreed minting ratios voted in by the community at 230 million BONE.

As a reminder, Shibarium will require 20 million BONE to be secured for the operation of the protocol, in which validators/delegators, and gas for the layer 2 will be reserved by this action.  Additionally, it is known that validators will be rewarded in BONE for their work and by fulfilling their role in the blockchain.

Furthermore, this adjustment will allow for ShibaSwap rewards to continue, in anticipation of the upcoming reward token TREAT, which is set to enter the ecosystem in the near future.

We understand reducing the BPB down may seem like a drastic approach to the rewards system right now, but to begin streamlining the future of ShibaSwap, this will allow the team to focus on the tasks that will bring these systems to life sooner rather than later.

Tokenomics for TREAT have yet to be revealed, and while the announcement was imminent, provided in the latest medium released by Shytoshi Kusama, to ensure the community was aware of such release to respond to the benefits demand and farming utility of ShibaSwap, we ask the #ShibArmy at this time to continue to stay tuned to the latest information in regards to any upcoming release that impacts the ecosystem.